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History of the Elmwood Community Church - Continued

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1947-1948 Ground breaking ceremonies marked the start of construction of the parsonage on Cambridge Street. The parsonage was completed and first occupied in 1948.
1955 The main sanctuary was completely renovated and beautified. This was followed by the restoration of the parsonage in 1957.
1957 In March, the First Volume of our church records from the old chapel were given to the State Library. The Nursery School sponsored by the ECC was opened. Mrs. Kelleher was the first director of the school.
1958 The steeple was raised to the Glory of God.
1961 The 40th Anniversary of the Elmwood Community Church was celebrated on April 23rd. The 25 Bell Carillon was dedicated at a special 3 p.m. service.
1962 The death of Rev. Sterling White is noted with deep regret. He passed away while serving as Pastor. He was Pastor for 16 years.
1963 Reverend Carl L. Christensen was called to be the 4th pastor of Elmwood Community Church.
1966 Reverend Robert Loggie was called to be the first Associate Pastor in the history of Elmwood Community Church.
1967 The church mortgage was burned at the annual meeting of the congregation.
1969 The parish hall facilities were made available to Head Start Children of Greater Hartford."
1970 Reverend Carl L. Christensen resigned as pastor after serving for seven years. Reverend William A. Jeffrey, Jr. was called to become the 5th Pastor of the Elmwood Community Church.
1971 Reverend William A. Jeffrey, Jr. was installed and Howard Mayer began his ministry as a full-time Associate Pastor. The 50th Anniversary of the Elmwood community Church was celebrated on April 18th with an 11 a.m. worship service in the sanctuary and a dinner celebration at 6 p.m. at Talcott Junior High School.
1973 Howard Mayer was ordained to the Christian Ministry. The exterior of the church was painted.
1975 The Hot Lunch Program began in the Parish Hall with Federal financing, town assistance, and volunteers from the Elmwood Community Church.
1976 Phil Conte became a lay minister. The flagpole was dedicated to Dr. English on July 4th.
1977 The music ministry of Elmwood Community Church was renewed with enthusiasm when June Day Ananikian began her music ministry.
1979 Over 200 voices participated in the First Elmwood Christmas Carol Sing that took place on the church steps. The lift into the sanctuary was installed.
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