Country singer Larry Gatlin told this story years ago. It is not meant to be a treatise on God’s justice or the ultimate faith of souls; it merely illustrates a profound truth about humanity.

A man had a dream in which an angel brought him to observe hell. Laid out on long tables was a banquet of every tasty, wonderful food anyone could ever want. Yet the air was filled with shrieks and curses. People were standing on the tables kicking dishes and kicking other people. You see, each person had a knife and fork attached to their hands. But the knife and fork was too long for anyone to reach her or his mouth. So they fought, screamed and cursed.

Then the angel brought the man to view heaven. Same set up. Same tables, same food, same too long knives and forks. Yet all was peace, calm, and serene. People were singing glad songs of praise to God. What was the difference? The only difference was that in heaven each person was feeding their neighbor.

Selfishness and greed can turn heaven into a nightmare. Loving kindness and consideration are a blessing under any and all circumstances.