As far as I know this is not a true story.

One very rainy day Bob visited his friend Tom. Tom was sitting there amid buckets and pans that were catching water coming in from his leaky roof.

Bob: “Tom, why don’t you fix your roof?”
Tom: “It’s raining and slippery; I’d fall off.”
Bob: “Why don’t you get on up there when it’s not raining?”
Tom: “When it’s not raining the roof doesn’t leak.”

Life can be uncertain; things happen. Life is filled with surprises and not all of them bring joy. Far from it! We all know this and have any number of examples of pleasant as well as unpleasant surprises.

Maybe we should think of our faith lives as being like Tom’s roof. In other words, if we strengthen our faith on an on-going basis, it will serve us well if hard times should come.

We can strengthen our faith in a variety of ways.
• Regular prayer for those in our lives, and those in the world
• Reading the Bible
• Reading or watching uplifting material
• Helping others
• Working for justice; feeding the hungry
• Quiet time with God

What other ways might people employ to strengthen their faith? Feel free to add to this.

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