We are all washing our hands for 20 seconds, about as long as singing the Happy Birthday song twice.  Gotta be something more fun than that, so I began listening to music, looking for something else I could sing for about 20 seconds.  One thing led to another; click here; click there.  I found myself listening to Linda Ronstadt and the Muppets singing “The Shoop Shoop Song.” Wonderful!  It was so funny, and Linda sings so well I forgot all about counting to 20.

I was lamenting baseball season being cancelled…click here; click there…then I was watching Abbot and Costello do “Who’s On First?”  Always hilarious.

Then I remembered Jerry Gray showing me a clip of James Cagney and Bob Hope dancing, trying to show up the other guy. Great dancing from two very funny men.

Jerry had also showed me “The Elephant Story” from the Carol Burnett Show.  That show was never dirty, never mean.  And…Tim Conway!

Young people are being home schooled these days.  I don’t want those who are out of school to feel left out so I am giving you all home work:

ASSIGNMENT: (There is no due date; your work will NOT be graded)

  1. Find something that makes you laugh; could be a book, a movie or TV show… something, anything that makes you laugh.
  2. Find something that interests you and totally absorbs you. Could be anything.
  3. Send me any questions you have about our faith. Or share any insights.

Keep the faith; stay safe.
Pastor Dave