“How wonderful, how beautiful,
When brothers and sisters and families get along.”
Psalm 133

Many families are finding that they are spending more time together.  With activities cancelled, they are doing less running around and actually sitting down together for family dinners.  Some families are playing board games; others are working on jigsaw puzzles.  I spoke with a man who had a family song night on Zoom with people sharing songs from five different locations.  Families are making popcorn and binge watching favorite programs.

This lock down can be a wonderful opportunity for families to slow down and enjoy one another’s company.  Perhaps that is one blessing that can come from this otherwise challenging time.  I pray that years from now people will come to cherish this time together.

But sometimes there is too much of a good thing; families get on each other’s nerves.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much.  A high school friend grew up in a tense household.  His father’s jaw clicked when he chewed.  He didn’t do it on purpose; there was nothing he could do about it.  My friend said that he could gauge the tension level by how many dirty looks his mother gave his father during dinner.

These stressful days call on everyone to make an effort to overlook minor annoyances.  Instead, it is wise, as well as kind, to see the goodness in the people in your life.  See their good points, their kindness, their humor, how helpful they can be, how much fun they are, how much you would miss them.  Rejoice and be glad they are there.  Let this time together be wonderful and beautiful.