Sixty-six million years ago an asteroid 6 – 9 miles wide travelling at 40,000 miles per hour struck the earth near the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The force was 2 million times greater than the most powerful nuclear bomb even detonated. Tsunamis miles high spread over the land. Wildfires circled the globe. Cubic miles of earth were blown into the sky; the clouds blocked sunlight for years lowering the global temperature to below freezing for much of the earth. This event killed off all the dinosaurs.

So… there we were a few months ago, living our lives, doing what we could to make our world a better place. Then little by little we became aware of a new and nasty virus. It was as though a great big rock had been thrown into a calm little pond. The ripples spread wider and wider, gaining speed. Now it seems like the ripples are cresting like ocean waves. The good news is that it seems as though closing public places and social distancing are keeping the pandemic from becoming like a tsunami.

However alarming the pandemic is, and it is very alarming, humanity does not face extinction. We have faced plagues far worse than this one, and we will get through this. Sooner or later the pandemic will fade, our lives will return to normal. We will walk in the sunlight together, we will mix and mingle, we will go wherever we want whenever we want. Keep the faith.

Here is something to try in the meantime. Picture a small pond. It could be a pond you have been to, or an imaginary one. Picture the water calm and unruffled. Imagine that your feelings and your mind, your heart and your spirit are as calm and serene as that little pond. Picture the pond; stay there for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes. Return as often as you like. Enjoy.