When there is a special event like a holiday, family reunion, or birthday, people make sure their home is extra neat and extra clean. Opinions vary regarding what extra clean and extra neat look like, but everyone puts extra effort into cleaning before a special event.

There are many pictures and stories about how much cleaner the sea and sky have become with human activity drastically curtailed. There are satellite pictures showing pollution clouds before and after the shutdown. It is remarkable. The canals in Venice Italy are now so clear that fish are seen swimming. Dolphins and swans have returned. It seems that reduced boat traffic in the canals has let the mud and sludge settle to the bottom, leaving the water clear.

No one wants this shutdown to last any more than it has to. But look at the enormous good that it has done for the environment. Once activity levels return to the usual, cars and factories will cloud the skies once more. Boat traffic will once again roil Venice’s canals.

What do people whose homes are not perfectly neat and tidy every day say after they have cleaned for an event? “We should keep it like this always.” Maybe seeing the clean sky and water will motivate provide motivation to seek long term solutions so the sea and sky are always this clean.