I like staying healthy. I am glad to follow the advice of skilled and wise doctors and public health experts. After hearing the dreadful experiences of Covid patients nobody wants to get it. People of good conscience don’t want to spread it. None of this is news; we have all heard it over and over and over again. We get the picture.

So… today and the following Saturdays are going to be “Something Fun Saturday”. Each Saturday will bring suggestions for a fun activity.

This week why not visit world museums. Artists offer views of scenes, people, and events; their work offers insights that can enrich our lives. So I did a google search for “Virtual Museum tours” and came up with some suggestions:

The Louvre in Paris
The Van Gogh Museum
The Getty Museum
The Vatican Museum
The Metropolitan Museum in NYC
The Museum of Fine Art in Boston
The British Museum in London
The Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands
The Picasso Museum
The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Of course, you can always conduct a good search of you own. Let us know what you find.

Stay safe!