Some people daydream of spending a summer working as a Lighthouse keeper.  They fondly dream of sea, and sky, and above all, solitude.  Not for them crowds and hustle and bustle.  Leave them alone with music, books, and their own thoughts and they are happy as a clam.

These folks are not anti-social, they are introverts.  Introverts focus on their inner world.  They are drained by large groups; they gain energy by being alone to process ideas, thoughts, and memories.  They tend to be quiet people who are great listeners.

Others would see a summer on a solitary locale as an exile.  They might even prefer Alcatraz; at least they could talk to the other prisoners.

These folks are extroverts.  They prefer to focus on the world outside of their selves.  They gain energy from crowds.  Talking helps them discover what they think about something.  They are social, out-going, and love parties.  They are easy to approach and often reach out to friends and strangers.

I wonder if introverts are having an easier time staying at home than more outgoing people.  Actually, I don’t have to wonder how introverts are doing.  I am an introvert; staying home is not very difficult.  To tell you the truth, I am such an introvert that I can only imagine how extroverts are dealing with this.

What do you think?  Are an introvert or extrovert?  In any case, I hope and pray that you are staying safe and enjoying your life.